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AreTheyEqual game developed by ATVG-Studios.

Are they Equal is a Game where you are shown different pictures and you have to decide if these are the same.

Are they Equal is only available for Android 7+ and in English.

Disclaimer: The images and icons you see in and around AreTheyEqual are not created or owned by ATVG-Studios. All images are owned by their authors, all authors are credited in the about section of the app.


Legend: Old Version Old Version (Supported) Current Version Future Version
Release Version Build Date Spend Time Changelog Location
Stable Cexus (rv1) 208 17.08.2018 20 min.
  • Re-design
  • Updating About
Apps, Google Play, Amazon
Stable Berus (rv1) 189 13.07.2018 5 hr. 34 min.
  • Menu that shows all gamemodes
  • Level Mode got its own Activity
  • Speed Mode implemented
  • Bugfixes
Apps, Amazon
Stable Albus (rv2) 79 06.07.2018 30 min.
  • Bugfixes
Stable Albus (rv1) 77 06.07.2018 3 hr. 30 min.
  • Level Mode
  • About App


AreTheyEqual is Licensed under OSPL, the Source Code can be found here.


Name Since Description
Level Albus (rv1)

You have a certain amount of time before the pictures change, the time is different on the 4 levels:

  • 2 Pictures with 2 Seconds
  • 2 Pictures with 1 Second
  • 3 Pictures with 2 Seconds
  • 3 Images with 1 Second.
Speed Berus (rv1)

In speed mode, you have 60 seconds to guess as many pictures as possible