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vHackOS is a Android Game by KF-Media Solutions.

It is a Hacking Simulator, it is very simple to use and would make fun if there wouldn't be bots (PlatinumBot) that makes getting into the top 100 very hard.

vHackOS is available on Google Play


Version Changes
1.63 [No Changelog]
1.62 [No Changelog]
1.61 [No Changelog]
1.60 [No Changelog]
1.59 [No Changelog]
  • First version of 1vs1 Server fights! BETA
  • Added a script creation x10 button
  • Added a 1vs1 leaderboard
  • Fixed a chat bug (color change didnt work)
  • Added 3 new chat colors for VIPs
  • Added the last 2 Trojans for 1vs1 to Servers!
  • Decreased price for packages to 100. (800 for 10)
  • Fixed visual bugs on Network and Server
  • Fixed a bug on chat (you were unable to send messages after some minutes)
  • Changed the drop rate of Smash Scripts from 1-4 to 4-12.
  • Added "Instant Boost" feature to VIP.
  • Added two new currencys -Code Fragments- and -Scripts- (required for upgrading server trojans)
  • The first of 3 trojans used in upcoming 1vs1 is now upgradable (Smash)
  • Changed the price of server packages as their price never got adjusted and new stuff were added to them
  • You are able to buy 100 packages instead of 50 per day now
  • Amounts on premium shop adjusted
  • Added a Starterpack to shop (Contains VIP, NC and Boosters)
  • Fixed some visual bugs @ Global netcoin bank heist
  • Your damage in heists is depending on your Smash level now
  • Added a reward for each hit on heists.
  • You will now get Code Fragments depending on the amount of hits on heists
1.54 [No Changelog]
  • Added a Deface list to Crew App
  • Added 2 new benefits for VIPs
  • Prepared the leaderboard for the 24h crew tournaments
1.52 [No Changelog]
  • Important bugfixes
  • Added a UPGRADE MAX button to servers
  • Fixed a bug on mainscreen when a deface is over
  • Added a new trojan type and some crew action!
  • Added a mini game (Spin the wheel) on events page
  • changed back the network icon (its back to bottom left)
  • fixed a crash issue
  • Added an Event system
  • Now we are able to create Events on the fly, without app Updates.
  • 2 Events already added! more will come soon.
  • Players are able to delete their accounts now
  • Report a player function for chat
  • It shows the Crew name of a player when you connect to his device now.
  • Fixed a bug on Remote Device (YOUR internet connection where displayed)
  • Friend requests gets removed automatically after 12 hours now.
  • Check out community announcements to read more about upcoming updates!
1.45 [No Changelog]
  • Added a boost x5 button
  • Added user online / last online to crew member list
  • Global Chat is now english only.
  • Removed the 999.999.999 Money limit!
  • Added an automated punishment once per hour for the guys who
    • hoard alot of money (1 player per hour). 80% of their money gets splitted
    • to 1000 random players.
  • Added 4 new upgrade levels to ncMiner (Up to 5 GPUs)
  • Added a ban message via private message with reason and duration
  • Finished Easter Event
  • Added the first part of the new Server System
    • Upgrade your server whenever you can, its the basement
    • of crew wars and the player vs player league.
    • You upgrade your server with Pieces. You will get
    • those pieces from packages and in a later update from player
    • vs. player fights too.
    • Every +1 upgrade of your server gives you 120EXP.
    • Adding a node gives you 1800EXP.
    • You will get 1 Package every 5 minutes. They stack up to 10.
    • Pay the way through the server system isnt possible, as
    • the maximum amount of packages you can buy is 50 per day.
    • Every active player is able to compensate that with activity
    • or the Free netcoins you collect every day.
  • Changed the minimum level for Server and Malware kit to 14.
  • Added a first virus type to Malware Kit, Banklog Remover.
    • You are able to remove your IP from enemys Banklog now.
  • Malware Kit will be the opposite of the Server system.
    • Its the place where you will be able to create malware to
    • Smash and shutdown other servers soon.
  • Changed seekbar amount from 20% to 100% in remote banking
  • Added vip benefits info on shop
  • Added confirmation on abort task (taskmanager)
  • Added Help App
  • Improved Anti Bot security
  • Added an Easter event!
  • Added 2 Languages: Portuguese and Hungarian
  • Added a Crew Leaderboard
  • Added Crew Profiles on leaderboard
  • Added crew info + logo on player profiles in chat and community
  • Added IP-Filter in Chat. Posting IPs in Chat is against the rules.
  • Fixed random crash issues
  • Added settings in community (notification bubble)
  • Added option to subscribe/unsubscribe a categorie on community
  • Fixed the "You need lvl 3 to chat" bug when youre banned.
  • Added a mining finished notification on ncMiner
  • Added a Seekbar on Remote Banking (You decide how much you want to steal now!)
  • Added a small attack timer on the same person (1 transfer every 5 minutes)
    • To prevent banklog spam.
  • Added a retry button on app start if internet connection is slow.
  • First part of the Crew system (Register/Join, Chat, Member management)
  • Important bugfix @Chat
  • Fixed a display bug in profiles on local chat
  • Added friends count to profiles
  • Added profiles to community
  • Changed the layout in Messenger and Community slightly
  • Added some more language cateogries on community
  • Increased max length of community posts
  • Increased max length of private messages
  • Implemented a friendlist
  • Implemented profiles in chat
  • Added ability to copy messages with a long touch
  • Remove friends with a long tap
  • Moderator functions
  • Added categories to community
  • Added the first part of the messenger system
    • You are able to send and read private messages now
  • Activated auto close connection after 12 hours again
    • this feature were deactivated due to the low amount
    • of players.
  • Switched Network search from totally random to level based.
  • Fixed a bug in Banking app and remote banking
  • Added Chatroom in local language
  • Fixed a bug on ncMiner (start button)
  • Added a notification when tasks finish (app needs to be in background)
  • Added the first version of the NetCoin Miner (gets enlarged soon)
  • Fixed auto scroll to top on connection manager when coming back from connection
  • Removed Play4Videos as it consumed alot of data volume and werent working well
  • Lowered the factor of time that gets added to update time per level (shorter update times
  • Increased the exp you get for updates for higher levels.
  • Added a daily tournament (resets once a day, ordered by exp gained)
    • Included to the leaderboards
  • Added a purchase limit
  • Changed the design of Bruteforce list slightly + fix scroll issue
  • Fixed the cursor at textfield when mentioning a user
  • Network App hides the keyboard now when you click on scan
  • Added a 'Clear' Button on remote logs
  • Fixed 2 issues that caused crashs for some people (Shop and Network)
  • Replaced the 'Exploit' Button on Network with 'Connect' if theres an open connection to that target
  • Added possibility to copy IP while connected to another device (click on the ip)
  • Added a 'Scroll to Bottom' on Community -> View topic
  • Restricted chat to minimum level: 3.
  • Fixed a bug @Logs
  • Smileys and ascii art is now possible in System logs
1.31 [No Changelog]
1.30 [No Changelog]